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Across the street from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, is the oldest railroad currently in operation, the Strasburg Railroad. Mrs. Shuttletrain and I were given the opportunity to ride the Railroad, the day after Thomas the Tank Engine concluded its successful season. We were given accommodations which had a bar in it.

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Along the way out, we found the Caboose Motel, were all the rooms are in cabooses. We had never seen so many cabooses in one place in a long time. We were guessing the last time was in Sedalia, MO when MOPAC stockepiled the cabooses before they got rid of them.

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They offer buggy rides too…

DC! 171.JPG

Look at the window latches, the are made of the finest metal available at that time.

DC! 175.JPG

The cars all have their own heat source, potbelly stove.

DC! 176.JPG

After getting off, headed to the engine to talk to the crew.

DC! 177.JPGDC! 178.JPG

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Real nice crew, even the conductor, was very friendly. He could not pose, because he had to throw the switches, so the train could back down the main again.

That brings an end to this wandering. Where are we going to wander to next? Check back soon.


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