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The weekend of September 8-9, 2012, Norfolk Southern Railway leased the Fort Wayne Historical Society’s Nickel Plate 765 Steam engine to pull four NS employee appreciation specials from the Berkeley Yard underneath I-170 in the St. Louis Metro Area to a lttle north of Olde Towne St. Peters, Missouri. The four trips over two days were packed with NS employee’s and their families. The 765 lead the excursions west, then, stopped in St. Peter’s then the consist was pulled back to the yard by both the Illinois Terminal and Wabash Heritage units that just had their debut in July. Norfolk and Southern had leased two engines for their 150th Anniversary tour. The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’s 630 pulled the southern half of the tour and the 765 pulled the northern half. St. Peters was as far west as the tour went. A great deal of railfans travelled from all over to see the 765. The train also included cars leased from Mid-American Railcar Leasing.

The first set of pictures is from the St. Peters, Missouri, end of the line part of the excursions.

NKP 765 001.JPGNKP 765 003.JPGNKP 765 005.JPGNKP 765 006.JPGNKP 765 007.JPGNKP 765 008.JPGNKP 765 010.JPG

The NS Heritage units begin to power up and head the train back east.

NKP 765 011.JPGNKP 765 014.JPGNKP 765 020.JPGNKP 765 021.JPG

Here’s a shot of the NKP 765 being pulled backwards to Berkeley, MissouriNKP 765 022.JPG

Some of the railfans and the people just wondering what all the people are standing around a railroad crossing are doing.

NKP 765 023.JPGNKP 765 024.JPG

We moved to St. Charles for the second set shots of the morning.

 nkp765 001.JPGnkp765 002.JPGnkp765 006.JPGnkp765 007.JPG

You can see the detail lettering in this picture. (N.Y.C.&ST.L)

nkp765 008.JPG

The train did the same thing on Sunday, I had some wanderings to do on Sunday. Read about that wandering next time.

So long, Happy Railwatching!


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