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Ok, this wandering is about regular sightseeing stuff. On our way to Pennsylvania, we stopped in Springfield, Ohio for the Westcott House, a Frank Lloyd Wright House. Sorry no pictures allowed inside, but plenty of pictures outside.

Here is the Carriage House (Garage), which also has two pony stalls for the family’s children’s ponies.

Mid-east 001.JPGMid-east 002.JPG

Next, have the bird house..

Mid-east 003.JPG

What you and I would call the front, but it is not…

Mid-east 004.JPGMid-east 006.JPG

The real front is the side…

Mid-east 005.JPG

The park across the street that was a cemetery.

Mid-east 007.JPG

Further east in Ohio, found a front lawn loaded with railroad items…

Mid-east 008.JPGMid-east 009.JPGMid-east 010.JPGMid-east 011.JPGMid-east 012.JPGMid-east 013.JPGMid-east 014.JPGMid-east 016.JPGMid-east 017.JPG

We headed into Pennsylvania. The must see, Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville.

93 east 015.JPG

93 east 001.JPG93 east 006.JPG

Some of the items left by visitors, to honor our citizen- heros…

93 east 009.JPG93 east 010.JPG

The actual crash site, only family is allowed on actual site.

93 east 013.JPG

A fury visitor takes a look around

93 east 014.JPG

The memorial guest wall building..

Mid-east 027.JPGMid-east 031.JPGt

The walkway up to the Wall.

Mid-east 035.JPGMid-east 036.JPGMid-east 037.JPG

To see the wall close-up and to experience the feeling, you will have to visit yourself.

That’s it for this time. Come Back Soon!










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