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Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia is a great historic railroad town. Most of the town is now a National Park Historic Site. The town has two former Baltimore and Ohio lines actively running through town. The town is at the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. The town is also where a tunnel was cut through the mountain. Of added interest, the B&O canal runs right below the tracks. While we were there, AMTRAK’s Eastbound Capital Limited came cruising by into the tunnel. This area and park is a must see for any railfan. Mainly, because it’s the closest you will ever get to an active rail bridge. The Appalachian Trail runs right next to it.

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Here is an example of the rails of the period.

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The signs tell about the race of the ironhorse vs the canal boats and the mules.

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The parks is almost in the middle of the Appalachian Trail

DC 2 084.JPG

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Here is the former canal bed and the lift lock.

Here comes the Capitol Limited…..

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The builder’s plate.  This bridge is very old.

DC 2 106.JPG

That’s a wrap on this installment of Shuttletrain’s Wanderings. Join us soon on the next wandering,


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