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Shuttletrain’s Wanderings-Grand Canyon

Part One


Welcome back to Shuttletrain’s Wanderings. This time Mrs. Shuttletrain and I headed west for our honeymoon, to spend Thanksgiving at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We chose AMTRAK and the Grand Canyon Railway to get there. We left Washington, Missouri on a Sunday afternoon and head west to Kansas City where I proposed to my future bride.

We arrived at Kansas City Union Station and headed to the Westin at Crown Center. We took some pictures of Union Station from our hotel room.

Honeymoon 2006 025.jpg

I took some pictures of Downtown Kansas City, Missouri nighttime skyline.

Honeymoon 2006 028.jpgHoneymoon 2006 029.jpgHoneymoon 2006 031.jpg

On Tuesday night, we boarded the Southwest Chief and headed west into the Kansas night.

 We awoke in Colorado and enjoyed the sights of the desert.

Honeymoon 2006 043.jpgHoneymoon 2006 044.jpgHoneymoon 2006 045.jpgHoneymoon 2006 046.jpgHoneymoon 2006 047.jpgHoneymoon 2006 048.jpgHoneymoon 2006 049.jpgHoneymoon 2006 050.jpgHoneymoon 2006 051.jpgHoneymoon 2006 052.jpgHoneymoon 2006 053.jpgHoneymoon 2006 054.jpgHoneymoon 2006 055.jpgHoneymoon 2006 056.jpgHoneymoon 2006 057.jpgHoneymoon 2006 058.jpgHoneymoon 2006 059.jpgHoneymoon 2006 060.jpgHoneymoon 2006 061.jpgHoneymoon 2006 062.jpgHoneymoon 2006 063.jpgHoneymoon 2006 064.jpgHoneymoon 2006 065.jpgHoneymoon 2006 066.jpgHoneymoon 2006 067.jpgHoneymoon 2006 068.jpgHoneymoon 2006 069.jpgHoneymoon 2006 070.jpgHoneymoon 2006 071.jpgHoneymoon 2006 072.jpgHoneymoon 2006 075.jpgHoneymoon 2006 076.jpgHoneymoon 2006 077.jpgHoneymoon 2006 081.jpgHoneymoon 2006 082.jpgHoneymoon 2006 083.jpgHoneymoon 2006 084.jpgHoneymoon 2006 085.jpgHoneymoon 2006 086.jpgHoneymoon 2006 087.jpgHoneymoon 2006 088.jpgHoneymoon 2006 089.jpgHoneymoon 2006 090.jpgHoneymoon 2006 091.jpgHoneymoon 2006 092.jpgHoneymoon 2006 093.jpgHoneymoon 2006 094.jpgHoneymoon 2006 095.jpgHoneymoon 2006 096.jpgHoneymoon 2006 097.jpgHoneymoon 2006 098.jpgHoneymoon 2006 099.jpgHoneymoon 2006 100.jpgHoneymoon 2006 101.jpgHoneymoon 2006 102.jpgHoneymoon 2006 103.jpgHoneymoon 2006 104.jpgHoneymoon 2006 105.jpgHoneymoon 2006 106.jpg

The desert looks just like the pictures of it in the textbooks when I was growing up. We arrived in Williams Junction, AZ where the van to the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel picked us up. But, we will continue with that part of the wandering in Part Two

Part Two


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