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The State Of Pennsylvania has some great railroad watching spots and some great history. In this edition, we will start to look at some of the sites along the Pennsylvania Heritage Corridor. The first stop is the Town of Johnstown. This town is probably known for its Flood than having a unique railroad that runs cars and pedestrians up the side of a mountain. It’s called the Incline Plane Railway.  The railway takes people and sometimes their cars from downtown Johnstown to the neighborhood above. There is a great restaurant on top and old time Incline.  Here is what it looks like driving up to the incline from the town, across the bridge.

93 east 032.JPG

Some more pictures of being on the incline…starting with Mrs. Shuttletrain holding on, afraid of falling off.

93 east 028.JPG

93 east 029.JPG93 east 033.JPG93 east 035.JPG93 east 037.JPG93 east 039.JPG93 east 040.JPG93 east 043.JPG93 east 045.JPG93 east 046.JPG

Next, we headed to Cassandra Overlook, where, there were people from New York and Massachusetts among other locals.

 93 east 047.JPG93 east 048.JPG93 east 049.JPG93 east 050.JPG93 east 051.JPG93 east 052.JPG93 east 053.JPG93 east 054.JPG93 east 055.JPG93 east 056.JPG93 east 057.JPG93 east 058.JPG93 east 059.JPG

Cresson, was our next stop…. And the Station Inn.

93 east 061.JPG

The underpass, AKA Veterans Underpass still leaks lots of water.

93 east 063.JPG93 east 064.JPG

                                                                            Then it was time for Gallitzin.

93 east 098.JPG93 east 099.JPG93 east 100.JPG93 east 101.JPG93 east 102.JPG93 east 103.JPG93 east 104.JPG93 east 105.JPG93 east 106.JPG

A few people, watching and waiting from the porch of The Tunnel Inn.

93 east 107.JPG

Some facts and figures about the two tunnels.

93 east 108.JPG

Thanks for wandering with us, please come back soon.





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