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Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historical Site


Since I was having the Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historical Site as a guest on one of the segments of the “Let’s Talk Trains” podcast, I felt that I should take a personal look at the site. So after viewing the Gallitzin tunnels, we stopped off at the park and took a tour. This park is full of wildlife and is one of the only National Parks that I know that has a example of a railroad built to carry boats up a mountain via eleven portages or planes.

Here are two of the locals taking time to eat. Notice the family in the background eating too.

93 east 067.JPG

The Visitor’s Center

93 east 068.JPG

This is a mock-up of what the railcars looked like with the boats loaded on them.

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Mrs. Shuttletrain posing on the boardwalk from the visitor’s center to the railroad site.

93 east 080.JPG


Here is the plane’s

93 east 081.JPG


Here is the old right of way.

93 east 082.JPG

The engine house. This is where the two engines are that pull the ropes up.93 east 083.JPG

National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

93 east 084.JPG93 east 085.JPG93 east 086.JPG93 east 087.JPG

The rails..

93 east 088.JPG93 east 089.JPG93 east 090.JPG93 east 091.JPG93 east 092.JPG93 east 093.JPG93 east 094.JPG93 east 095.JPG

Safety Car

93 east 096.JPG


That’s all, check out the park’s website…



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