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July 29th 2012, is a day that I will remember for a very long time. I will start a couple weeks before, when while I was out walking TrainDog AJ around Washington, Mrs. Shuttletrain was logging into my Facebook account, and inviting all my facebook friends to a party to celebrate my 50th birthday. She was going have it a secret, but, in this day and age of smartphones, when people started to accept or decline, it would alert my smartphone. I was impressed by the turnout. Pam talked to the President of the Route 66 Railfan Center about having it in the Pacific Station Plaza, which sits next to the mainline of the BNSF and UP. My friends, former classmates and family showed up. They even decorated a cake and the pavilion. Here is a small sample. My aunts and uncles even visited the caboose that is in the Plaza.

50th Birthday Boy with his Cake #1.JPG50th Birthday Boy with his Cake #2.JPG50th Birthday Cake #1.JPG50th Birthday Guests #1.JPG50th Birthday Guests #2.JPG 50th Birthday Guests #3.JPG50th Birthday Guests #4.JPGAunts-Uncles-Guests checking out caboose..JPG

I really enjoyed everyone coming and watching trains and helping me get older.  I thought you all would get a kick out of seeing what you missed. Thanks for wandering around my birthday.

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