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N-TRAK Module Album (Page 1)

South Hampton Roads N-TRAK

Headquarters: Norfolk, Virginia, USA

N-TRAK Modules

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Thumbnail of the club's yard entrance

The front of SHR N-TRAK's T yard. As a new train enters public view on one side, a train can enter the yard on the other side. The six foot long yard entrance breaks down into two sections for transport and connects to the setup tracks with an undecorated "delta module" under the yard's main control panel.
Photo by Robert Cruse.
Added May 27, 2003

Thumbnail of yard setup tracks

The setup tracks of the club's T yard. Dual 12 foot long tracks permit operators to assemble or put away 24 foot long trains with briefer interruption of the operation of trains in the public view. The rotary switches on the vertical main control panel route main line throttle or yard throttle power to the setup tracks.
Photo by Robert Cruse.
Added May 27, 2003


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