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Formed in 1986, the Boca Raton, Florida-based RailAmerica, Inc. is the world's largest short line and regional railroad operator. It owns 50 railroads operating approximately 13,200 route miles in the United States, Canada, Australia and the Republic of Chile.

In North America, the Company's railroads operate in 28 states and six Canadian provinces. Internationally, the Company operates an additional 4,300 route miles under track access arrangements in Australia and Argentina. Some of it's subsidiaries include:

  • Arkansas & Missouri (A&M)
  • Austin & Northwestern (AUNW)
  • Dallas Garland & Northeastern Railroad (DGNE) - Now Dallas Garland & Northern (DGN)
  • North American Rail Group Cape Brenton & Central Nova Scotian (CBNS)
  • Lakeland & Waterways Railway (LWR)
  • Carolina Piedmont (CPDR)
  • Mackenzie Northern Railway (MNR)
  • Cascade & Columbia River Railroad (CSCD)
  • Michigan Shore Railroad (MS)
  • Central Oregon & Pacific (CORP)
  • Mid-Michigan Railroad (MMR)
  • Central Railroad of Indiana (CIND)
  • Missouri & Northern Arkansas Railroad (MNA)
  • Central Railroad of Indianapolis (CERA)
  • New England Central (NECR)
  • Central Western Railway (CWR)
  • North Carolina & Virginia Railroad (NCVA)
  • Chesapeake & Albemarle (CA)
  • Ottawa Valley Railway (OVR)


In October 1999, RailAmerica announced that it would acquire RailTex, North America's largest short line freight railroad company. Completed on February 4, 2000, the $325 million acquisition marked a new era in the history of the global short line and regional railroad industry. Upon closing of the RailTex acquisition, RailAmerica became the largest operator of short line and regional freight railroads in the world, with 39 short line and regional railroads operating approximately 11,000 total track miles in the United States, Canada, Australia and the Republic of Chile. (source RailAmerica)

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Arkansas & Missouri ALCO Locomotive #60 - works in Springdale, Arkansas in October 1992. A&M is a former Rail-Tex owned Shortline RR. - DW Read Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

Austin & Northwestern SW1200 #8 - is former MKT #8. The Austin & Northwestern RR is another former Rail-Tex operation. The AUNW ceased operation in 1996. It is seen here in Austin, Texas in 1992. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo
Austin & Northwestern GP7 #172 is seen - in Austin, TX in 1993. - Steve Rude Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection
Austin & Northwestern GP7 #174 - is seen in Austin, TX in 1993. - Steve Rude Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

AUNW GP35m #66 is former Texas & Pacific #600 - It was later renumbered to MP 2500, then to MP 2617. It has traveled around to several roads, since it was retired by the MoPac. It was sent to the Texas Mexican Railroad in Corpus Christi, Texas, but the road refused the unit. It later went to the Austin & Northwestern, where it was used in service for some time. From there it was placed in service on the Dallas Garland & Northern Railroad. The unit has since been taken out of service by Rail America. AUNW #66 is seen in Austin, Texas in the early 90s. - Steve Rude Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

Dallas Garland & Northern Railroad GP35m #66 - same as above. - Photo courtesy of Rail America

Dallas Garland & Northeastern ( Now Dallas Garland & Northern) #4161 - is a slug unit rebuilt from the carbody and chassis of a former DRGW GP7. The DGNO is a Rail America Operation. The 4161 is seen in San Antonio, TX in 1994. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo
Missouri & Northern Arkansas 2001 - and a sister SD20 unit 2000 are parked at the old M-K-T depot at Denison, Texas on 11/11/01 (Both SD20s, circa-1980 VMV Paducah rebuilds of high-hood SD24s). Although they are lettered for Missouri & Northern Arkansas, they have been under the operational control of the Dallas Garland & Northeastern Railroad (DGNO) for the past five years or so. DGNO, which is also a Rail America short line, operates a number of ex-MKT, MP, Cotton Belt and Santa Fe lines in and around Dallas. Display cabooses of both M-K-T and Mopac are seen on the far track. - T. Greuter Photo
Though never confirmed, it is believed 2000 and 2001 were originally Union Pacific SD24s that were sold to Illinois Central. Rail America (formerly RailTex) acquired them from a broker. (info B. Edmonson)

Contributed Photography:
Jay Glenewinkel, DW Read, Steve Rude, Rail America

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