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Leased Power
EMD, LMX, MPI and Others

Electro-Motive Lease GP38-2 #205 - is in San Antonio, TX in 1993. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

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Electro-Motive Leasing

EMDL GP60 Demonstrator unit #7 - works the Southern Pacific Rails in 1987. It is seen here in San Antonio in 1987. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

EMDL 820
- a GP38-2 leads a chilly UP switch-operation on the old MoPac tracks a few days before Christmas at Lincoln. 12/22/95 - T. Greuter Photo ·

EMDL 825 - a GP38-2 lends a hand on the local UP, Lincoln, Nebraska. 5/96 - T. Greuter Photo

EMD GP30 Demonstrator unit #1962 - is in La Grange, Il in 1962. - Jay Glenewinkel Purchased Slide Collection

EMD Lease SD40-2 #2000 - is in a special paint scheme to commemorate the new millenium. It is seen here in Portland, Oregon in 2000. - Steve Schuman Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

EMDL 7013
- an SD70 MAC seen at the UP yard at Lincoln, Nebraska. 10/21/95 - T. Greuter Photo ·

Oakways/EMDL 9035 - The tail-end of the train has cleared BNSF's Hobson Yard as #9035 pulls through the curve of Hill Street in south Lincoln, Nebraska. 12/01 - T. Greuter Photo

Oakways/EMDL 9039
- on the BN's Omaha line in Lincoln, Nebraska; 7/8/95 - T. Greuter Photo ·

Oakways/EMDL 9086
- this pair, leased to Oakways but wearing EMD colors, is in turn leased by the BN who only pays for the power the units use. This set, appearantly made up of SD60's, is interesting for the fact that they have a tender in tow, indentifying them as likely being natural gas-powered units. BN has also experimented with refrigerated liquified methane gas power as an alternative, cheaper power source. The engines are stopped at the fueling pumps in BN's Hobson Yard in Lincoln, Nebraska. 7/1/95 - T. Greuter Photo ·






GATX SD40-2 #7376 -
is one of several former MoPac units that did not go to the BN. The 7376 was built as MP 3179. It went to GATX and became 7376, and then later to GSCX 7376. The 7376 is pictured here in San Antonio in 1994. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

GATX 900 -
is former MoPac 3216. It was later renumbered to MP 6000, and then became UP 3900. Here the 900 is seen in San Antonio, Texas as a lease unit. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

GATX lease unit 902
- is former MoPac 3218, which was renumbered to MP 6002. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo



GCFX #3037 - is another SD40-2 lease unit. It is seen in San Antonio, TX in January 2002. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo



HATX GP40-2 #800 - is in San Antonio in 1999. - Steve Rude Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection



HELM Lease SD40-2 #6000 - is in San Antonio, TX in 1998. - Steve Rude Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection




A front view of the HLCX 6092. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

HLCX SD40-2 #6092 - is a former CP unit. It is seen here in San Antonio, Texas in January 2002. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

HLCX SD40-2 #6222 - is in San Antonio, TX in 1997. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo


The LMX name and colors may be seen on the outside, but these engines were effectively Burlington Northern's, run by BN crews and maintained by the company. LMX leased these units long-term to the railroad.

LMX 8523 - a Dash8-39B and ATSF 897 are about to enter some of the heaviest trackage in Lincoln, Nebraska, passing around NU's Memorial Stadium. The two center tracks are BN's, the line behind the C30-7 and diverging to the right is the old MoPac, now UP operated industrial line. The area to the top left was once part of the jointly run MP/C&NW yard. The rails on the bottom left lead to a steel plant. 7/22/95 - T. Greuter Photo
LMX 8523 - makes it's way out of the Lincoln Station yards into Hobson Yard, Lincoln, Nebraska. 7/22/95 - T. Greuter Photo
LMX 8525 - makes its final approach to east Hobson Yard, Lincoln, Nebraska. - T. Greuter Photo
LMX 8588 - waits at 17th Street near the state fairgrounds. In Lincoln, the usual pattern for westbound traffic from Omaha means stopped and waiting trains just east or west of the Havelock Shops, east of 17th Street at the fairgrounds, Lincoln Station, and just east of Hobson Yard in Lincoln. Eastbound trains don't stop after leaving Hobson. 1995 - T. Greuter Photo
LMX 8588 - with a plume of smoke as it revs forward to Lincoln Station and Hobson Yard - a perfect example of a great shot gone bad! I'm not proud of this one *grin* It pays to be aware of your surroundings and lighting when you take action shots, otherwise you may find an un-anticipated telephone pole's shadow smack in the middle of your shot. 1995 - T. Greuter Photo

Motive Power Industries (formerly Morrison Knudsen)

MPI 9043
- an SD40, stares down an oncoming BN coal train at Lincoln, Nebraska. 11/18/95 - T. Greuter Photo ·

Morrison Knudsen (Now MPI) SD40-2 #9047 - is seen in San Antonio, TX in 1994. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo


Metro North Commuter Railroad

MNCR 807 - a kicked-around B30-7 being leased to the power hungry BN, seen at the state fairgrounds. - T. Greuter Photo


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