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Lincoln Station-Haymarket / Great Plains-West Rail Gallery
Lincoln Station/Haymarket Dist.
Lincoln, Nebraska


In Lincoln the meeting ground for all five of the city's rail companies would have to be Lincoln Station in the Haymarket district. The most dominate feature of the area is Lincoln Station, built by the Chicago Burlington and Quincy Rairoad. Today, Amtrak passengers and regular freight still pass through here around the clock. The UP and BNSF each have their own yard facilities here.

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Vintage postcard image of Lincoln Station.
Snapshot from a passenger's seat. - R. Greuter Photo



The towering smoke stack , among the many facilities built by the CB&Q in the area, standing across the track from the station dominates the railyard . 6/29/96

The landmark no longer stands. - T. Greuter Photo



Turn of the century postcard looking north. The station is the large brick building to the right.


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Lincoln's oldest railyard - shown in the 1950's and 1990's. This is looking at the same view as the postcard above. - Robert Greuter Photo
Looking southeast towards the capital building from the "O" Street overpass - also around the '50's. Notice the freight carts neatly parked trackside. - Robert Greuter Photo
Sign inside station - 7/1/95 - T. Greuter Photo


CB&Q 710 displayed at Lincoln Station, Lincoln, Nebraska. The CB&Q has had a long history in the college town, which is carried on by it's successor BNSF today. 6/18/95 - T. Greuter Photo

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The yards behind Lincoln Station offer some of the best rail action in town.The BN and UP work side-by-side in this yard. - T. Greuter Photo

A GP 38-2, is seen roaming the railyard at Lincoln Station. The engine is dwarfed by a brick facility formerly used by the CB&Q. 7/4/95 - T. Greuter Photo


BN 950897 - MoW boxes stored at Lincoln Station. 11/24/95 - T. Greuter Photo

A bad day in the rail yard. Heavy rains and muddy ballast cause a section of track to give out, leading 5 hoppers to jump the rails. UP 2319 lends a hand as crews start the slow and dangerous process of rerailing each car. 2/9/96 - T. Greuter Photo

UP crew working a derailment - Lincoln, Nebraska - T. Greuter Photo ·

2/9/96 - T. Greuter Photo

Despite the onset of the diesels, robotic track-layers and ribbon rail, the hand tools of the trade remain the same now as they have for over a hundred years. It looks like the spike-driver has had some creative carving done around it's handle. 12/13/96 - T. Greuter Photo

A Union Pacific crew throws some sparks as they prepare to replace some damaged trackage. - T. Greuter Photo

BNSF passenger cars - parked at Lincoln Station, Lincoln, Nebraska. 6/21/97 - T. Greuter Photo

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