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Freight Cars

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Atchison Topeka Santa Fe

ATSF 167212 - at BNSF's Hobson Yard, Lincoln, Nebraska - Todd Greuter Photo

Burlington Northern - see BN Freight

Burlington Northern Santa Fe - see BNSF Freight


Chicago Burlington & Quincy

B&MR/GI&WC 5598 - the Burlington & Missouri River was a predecessor of the CB&Q. This stock car can be seen as part of the equipment on display at the Stuhr Museum in Grand Island, Nebraska. June 30, 2001 - T. Greuter Photo ·

CB&Q Covered Hopper - A very dirty relic from the past - a CB&Q covered hopper rolls along in a BN train, it's numbers are gone but you can still make out the slogan "Way of the Zephyrs" on the large plate. - T. Greuter Photo

RB&Q 77175 - 50' insulated boxcar in the green paint scheme that would continue on into the BN era. The car has a typical emblem placard on its side. At Lincoln, Nebraska - T. Greuter Photo ·

CB&Q Extended-Height Boxcar - demonstrating the Burlington's final freightcar paint and lettering scheme, is seen departing from Hobson Yard at Lincoln, Nebraska on a chilly winter's day. - T. Greuter Photo ·

CB&Q 160814 - coal car at Ashland, Nebraska - T. Greuter Photo ·

Burlington Northern #974037 - once the CB&Q's, now numbered for Burlington Northern, still displays the large logo of it's previous owner - T. Greuter Photo

Burlington Northern #974041 - another CB&Q remnant, these tankcars are probably the most common of the old road still in vintage paint and can be seen rolling into Lincoln, Nebraska - T. Greuter Photo ·

Denver Rio Grande Western

DRGW 16025 - seen at Louisville, Nebraska. 5/1/97 - © T. Greuter Photo



ITTX 931300 - 4/30/96 - T. Greuter Photo

Milwaukee Road

MILW 50815 - at Lincoln, Nebraska; 3/15/97 - T. Greuter Photo


BKTY 120768 - on the BN in Lincoln, Nebraska; 5/27/96- © T. Greuter photo



Missouri Pacific - see



The vid-capture at right is a booster segment flatcar with hood at a Kennedy Space Center processing facilty, Nov. 19, 2000 - T. Greuter Photo



Northern Pacific

Northern Pacific 17922 - this box (used for storage) sat alongside the BN's Omaha mainline at Lincoln for years until after the formation BNSF resulted in much of the old equipment around town to be scrapped, NE; 2/16/97 - T. Greuter Photo

NP 56034 - drop end gondola, Lincoln, NE; 3/15/97 - T. Greuter Photo

NP 97527
- Sixteen years after merging to form Burlington Northern, this box is still traveling the line in original paint. Lincoln, NE; 4/15/96 - T. Greuter Photo ·


Omaha Lincoln & Beatrice

Omaha Lincoln & Beatrice 106 - a string of aging offset side triple hoppers, used for shipping sand, in the "Big Red" scheme. 4/24/96

OL&B 1098 - the company also owns a large number of vintage ore cars which serves the local concrete industries. 7/8/95

OL&B 1098 detail


QTTX 30600 - depressed flatcar loaded with some pretty impressive equipment; 2/22/97 - T. Greuter Photo


QUAX 88501
- with BNSF gondola loaded on flatcar, 2002 - T. Greuter Photo ·

St. Louis San Francisco

St. Louis San Francisco 9198 - at Lincoln, NE; 4/30/96 - T. Greuter Photo

SLSF 100086 - 50' Flat at Lincoln, Nebraska - T. Greuter Photo ·

Union Pacific - see UP Freight

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