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Crescent - Washington, D.C. to New Orleans

Adventurers in New England

Chapter Twenty-Five

Train Ride from Washington D.C. to New Orleans

Amtrak Train 19, Crescent


Robin Bowers

July 2, 2015


Text and Photos by Author
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    Man oh Man. What a way to start the day.  Waking up and looking out your bedroom window and seeing our wonderful countryside passing by and very curious as to where you are located. After leaving DC and while having dinner in the diner, we were enveloped in a big cloud burst and downpour. The train was stopped at the time, we then backed up some distance and then proceeded forward. I think we were on a siding then because of our lateness and not a rain delay. Walking back to my room, I noticed rain coming in around the vestibules but everything else was dry, especially my bed and room. On this trip I will be spending my night in a Viewliner Roomette, a first for me. The two big differences between this and a Superliner is that the Viewliner has upper and lower beds, each with its own window and a non-enclosed toilet and wash basin. I like having the toilet in the room versus down the hall on the Superliner for those nocturnal visits. I don't know how it would work with two people in the Roomette if you wanted some privacy. After having slept through several states, I was ready to get up and go to the diner and have some breakfast;  French Toast and coffee and juice. After that it was time to await my first stop of the day.

Atlanta, GA





My late train was still late and getting later. It sometimes happens in train travel. The Crescent's schedule arrival time for Atlanta is 8:13am and we arrived at 10:10am. We had a 20 minute stop here so I exited and took some pictures on the platform.




The Crescent at Atlanta, GA



    While on the platform I was able to make a list of the consist. On point 198, 160, baggage -61036, sleepers-62045, 62035 (mine), diner, cafe 28012, coaches -25086, 25036, 25120, 25067. Also no Wi-Fi on the Crescent. It would be a nice amenity to have on a long distance train.









Bridge gone to seed? Was it a former vehicle - auto, train - or pedestrian. Or maybe used as an animal bridge now.

Birmingham, AL


Birmingham, AL skyline.



Schedule arrival time: 11:50am and our time of arrival 3:15pm.










Kitchen in the diner.



View from last coach car of where we came from.


View into baggage car 61036.


Schedule arrival in Tuscaloosa, AL is 1:07pm, our arrival 5:39pm.


A look inside an accessible bedroom.

    A family of three got off in Tuscaloosa so I took a peek. Grandfather, Son and the Grandson who I would see in the diner picking up meals to take back to the room.



Scheduled arrival in Meridian, MS 2:58, our arrival 8:51pm.


    After Meridian, darkness enveloped the countryside and I stopped taking photos and just sat and looked at the rural and town lights. Normally I don't mind being on a late train since it allows me to stay on the train longer. But one of the experiences I wanted to encounter on the Crescent was the crossing  of Lake Pontchartrain. The Crescent is scheduled to cross Lake Pontchartrain about 7:00pm so in July that is still daylight.  I was ensconced in my room while crossing Lake Pontchartrain at 11:00pm and could see lights over the lake and the adjacent train bridge and thinking about - would this be like taking a train to Key West. It was close to midnight when we left the train in New Orleans. Walking out to the street there were taxis waiting for our arrival. I told the next cab in line where I was going and he said no problem that he knew where the hotel is located. In ten minutes we were at the hotel. While checking in, the nice clerk gave me a room on the ground floor which I was grateful for. He felt sorry because of all my luggage and having to climb stairs to second floor rooms. Once in the room, I was ready for bed and sleep.

    I enjoyed my first trip on the Crescent from Washington DC to New Orleans. The crew was always helpful and friendly and I liked seeing a great part of the South after visiting New England. And the meals, eating in the diner are the best part of traveling in sleeper.

   Tomorrow - First day in New Orleans

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Text and Photos by Author

The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author's consent.

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