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Transfer is the information exchange newsletter for participants in the Rail-Marine Information Group (RMIG). RMIG is an organization of enthusiasts interested in vessels, other equipment, operations and history of the transportation of railroad equipment over water.

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Back Issues

Except as noted, all are printed on glossy paper with illustrations and at least 20 pages. Issues 1-24, 27, 28 and 31 are no longer available as printed versions or on CD but are available in digital version supplied on a USB flash drive.

Transfer 1-8 1992 - 1993
These are inkjet printer printouts of one-page columns from Tugbitts. $2/ea

Transfer 9 - January - March 1994
Seatrain, Long Island City Car Float Yard, Great Lakes Annotated Bibliography Insert, $6/ea

Transfer 10 - April - June 1994
Intro to NY Harbor Carfloating; Railroad Marine Services At New York; Carferry Steamer Cape Charles
24 PP plus East Coast Annotated Bibliography Insert, $8/ea

Transfer 11 - July - September 1994
Building an HO Carfloat; New Haven Diesel Tugs Revisited; Seatrain Part 2; Long Island City Floatyard Update; East Coast Bibliography, 2nd Section, $6/ea

Transfer 12 - October - December 1994
Lehigh Valley's 27th Street Yard; Seatrain Part 3; New York Float Bridges-Part I-Pontoon Style, $6/ea

Transfer 13 - January - March 1995
Pacific Great Eastern's Maritime Operations-1913-1957; PGE/BC Squamish Harbor; New York Float Bridges-Part II-Suspended Bridges with Separate Aprons; Seatrain Part 4, Terminals (24 PP), $8/ea

Transfer 14 - April - June 1995
Bay Ridge Update; Quick Course In Tonnage; Transfer Bridge at New York-Breather and Catchup; Rail-Marine on Fringe; Seatrain Part IV-Finale; Northeastern US Steel Carfloat Architecture--Overview (44 PP) (original issue was photocopied), $6/ea

Transfer 15 - July - September 1995
Carfloat Model Photo Album; The Great Lakes Carferry Reconsidered; Oversea Transportation of Railroad Equipment; Transfer Bridge at New York-III-The Contained Apron Type (24 PP), $8/ea

Transfer 16 - October - December 1995
Marine Operations, GLCF Reconsidered-Addendum, CPRail's A3 Vancouver Slip, The Go-Float Concept (24 PP), $8/ea

Transfer 17 - January - March 1996
The Point Ellice Ferry Slip, Carfloat Construction Article, Rail-Marine News (20 PP) (photocopy only), $6/ea

Transfer 18 - April - June 1996
Western Rivers Transfer Boat Project, Carfloat Construction Article - Part 2, Rail-Marine News (20 PP), $8/ea

Transfer 19 - July - December 1996
Carfloat Construction Part 3 (Conclusion); St. Ignace MI Terminal; Brooklyn Dock Ry; Northeastern Carfloat Architecture Part 2;Steamer Pelican Part 2 (drawings); Ferryboat Rockaway; DL&W 1938, 60 PP, photocopied, $8/ea

Transfer 20 - January - April 1997
New York Railroad Navy, Part I-Overview & Deck Scows, Milwaukee Road in Puget Sound (28 PP), $8/ea

Transfer 21 - May - August 1997
CPRail's Tilbury Marine Terminal; New York Railroad Navy, Part II-Stick Lighters; Rail-Marine News; Rail-Marine On The Shelf (28 PP)(photocopy only), $8/ea

Transfer 22 - September - December 1997
San Francisco Bay Paddle Tug Tiger; New York Railroad Navy, Part III-The Covered Barge; PGE Marine Operations Update; Rail-Marine News; Rail-Marine On The Shelf (32 PP)(photocopy only), $8/ea

Transfer 23 - January - May 1998
Historical Tables of Car Ferry Lines of American Railroads-II, Railroad Tugs-Part 1, New York Railroad Navy, Part IV-The Steel Covered Barges, Transfer Bridge at New York-IV, The Harry E. Merlo, The Solano and Contra Costa (photocopied issue), $8/ea

Transfer 24 - June - September 1998
Railroad Tugs Part 1A, NYC Nos. 30-32; PHOTOS; NYC Propeller Roster; Railroad Floatyards; C&O's 1957 Jumbo Car Ferry. 32 pp., $10/ea

Transfer 25 - October - December 1998
New York Railroad Navy Part V--Hold Barges; Western Pacific's San Francisco Navy. 24pp., $8/ea

Transfer 26 - January - April 1999
The Pennsylvania Railroad in the Ports of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Norfolk. 24pp., $8/ea

Transfer 27 - May - August 1999
The B&O's 26th St. Yard (Manhattan); Golden State Rail Marine Bibliography Insert, 24pp plus 8 page insert, available as CD only, $10 ea.

Transfer 28 - September - December 1999
Color cover of Lansdowne at Windsor; Cargo Masts; Port Series Maps; Harsimus Cove Trackage; Bells, Whistles, Gongs & Jingles; Western Pacific Follow-up; Red Star Barge drawings; 26th St. Floatbridge Drawings; Railroading Along the Waterfront Commentary & Errata; Where Rails Meet the Sea Commentary & Errata; Canadian Pacific Operating Procedures & Schedules; photocopied, 36pp; available as CD only, $8 ea.

Transfer 29 - January - April 2000
Canadian Car Ferry Canora; Railway Ferry on Russian lake; 28pp., $8 ea.

Transfer 30 - May - August 2000
Milwaukee Road's Pier 27 Floatbridge, Seattle; the Railroad Navy of New York, Part 6A, Steam Lighters; Lake Titicaca Ferry Tour; 32pp., $12/ea

Transfer 31 - September - December 2000
Railroad Navy of New York - Steam Lighters Part 2; Baie-Comeau; Railroad Tugs Part 2; photocopied, 28pp.; available as CD only, $8 ea.

Transfer 32 - January - August 2001
Russian Ice-Breaking Train Ferries; the Georges Alexandre Lebel at Baie-Comeau and Motone; Rail-Marine in Baltimore Harbor in Walthers' Railroading Along The Waterfront; Canora Revisited; 28pp., $10 ea

Transfer 33 - September - December 2001
Pipeline of future articles; Overseas Transportation of Railroad Equipment or Heavy Loads, part 2; Carfloating in the Gulf of Mexico - 1990s Style; 28pp., $10 ea

Transfer 34 - January - March 2002
Tidewater Facilities, Portland, Maine; Hampton Roads Grab Bag - plans for carfloat, lighter, floatbridge; Sidewheel Gasoline Interurban Car Ferry Henderson; 28pp., $10 ea

Transfer 35 - April - August 2002
New York Central Tug Fleet Analysis; Building the Walthers Tug Kit; Moving Oversized Loads Over Rail and Water; 28pp., color front and back cover, $14

Transfer 36 - September - December 2002
Carfloats to Galveston; New York Central Tug Fleet Follow-up; Rigging for Heavy Weather Gear on Lake Michigan Car Ferries; Special 12-page insert - Pacific Northwest Rail-Marine Bibliography. $10

Transfer 37 - January - April 2003
Bush Terminal; Lehigh Valley's Diesel Tugs. $10

Transfer 38 - May - August 2003
Launching Photo Album - B&O Carfloats 199-200; Railcar Fastenings Around The World; Barge Handling in NY Harbor. $10

Transfer 39 - September - December 2003
B&O Carfloat Launching No. 198; Lehigh Valley Barge No. 79 Shipyard Renovation, Photos & Drawings; Erie's 28th Street Station (Manhattan). 32 pages. $12

Transfer 40 - January - May 2004
Floating Grain Elevators; Lehigh Valley Covered Barge Drawing; B&O Single Track Carfloat. 32 pages. $12

Transfer 41 - June - December 2004
Hopper Cars Ahoy, Richborough Transportation Depot and Train Ferry; Solano and Contra Costa, Part 2, Tug Metamorphosis (GMA Conversion). 32 pages. $12

Transfer 42 - January - June 2005
Transfer Bridges at the Port of NY/NJ; LV's E. 149th St. Bronx Terminal; Idler & Reacher Car Pictorial; Rail-Marine in Mesopotamia. 36 pages, $14

Transfer 43 - July - December 2005
Brooklyn's Waterfront Railroads Overview; Brooklyn Navy Yard Railroad; Docking the Solano; New York Lighterage & Transportation Co. (LV marine operation predecessor). 40 pages, $15

Transfer 44 - January - December 2006
Brooklyn's Jay St. Connecting Railroad; GMA Tugs; Seatrain Part IV; Seattle Pier 16. 48 pages, $25

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1: $2.00, 2-9: $7.95, 10 or over: $10.00
Overseas postage, add an extra $2.00 per issue.
All remittances in US$.

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