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Washington Park and Zoo Railway Page 3
Oregon Zoo
Washington Park And Zoo Railway

Portland, Oregon

May 12, 2008

Story and photographs by Richard Elgenson
RailNews Network writer

Our trip takes us past some animal enclosures.

The zoo has a new dinosaur exhibit.  You must visit personally to see them.


The train travels throught the tunnel before returning to the station.

After the train ride, we visited the roundhouse.  The locomitive warning sign was fabricated by Ken Lauderback.  It is remiscent of a famous sign in Utah were 10 miles of track were laid on one day.
Again from the zoo web site, "Built in 1959 for the Oregon Centennial, the "Oregon" Steamer offers a trip back to yesteryear. Reminiscent of the 1800s, the locomotive is painted in bright colors with polished brass trimmings. A glistening brass bell is mounted on the gleaming boiler jacket between the sand dome and stack. The locomotive is patterned after the Virginia & Truckee RR "Reno." It is an oil-burning American 4-4-0 type with a diamond stack and big headlight featuring hand-painted pictures of Crater Lake on one side and Mt. Hood on the other."

Again from the handout, "The locomotive has 9"by 12" cylinders, 30" driving wheels, and operates at a maximum steam pressure of 170 psi.  The tender carries 150 gallons of fuel oil and 400 gallons of water."  One the Washington Park line, the Oregon "uses approximately 80 to 100 gallons of water, and 10 gallons of fuel oil."

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