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National Train Day @

Los Angeles Union Station and San Bernardino Amtrak/Metrolink Station

May 8, 2010
Story and photographs copyright 2010 by Richard Elgenson
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I had anticipated National Train Day this year because the fabled 3751 steam engine was emabarking on a fund raising trip from Los Angeles Union Station to San Bernardino, California.  This would be the 3751's second outing in as many weeks.  I was too busy with 4 guests on my sailboat on May 1st to catch her on the way through Orange County to San Diego and on May 2nd, I wandered over to Fullerton Amtrak Station only to find out they were 2 hours behind schedule.  Trader Joes and other shopping called my name, so I left.  This day, I left home early enough to view the 3751 train and board the 354 Metrolink train to San Bernardino to then watch the 3751 train arrive at San Berdoo.


It was a picture perfect sunnny day for train riding and photography in Southern California.  Early morning shadows do affect photography at Los Angeles Union Station.  Only the 3751 was in the shadow.  Here she is and the rest of the train, including Metrolink engine 892, the Pony Express party car, the recently refurbished Silver Splendor CZ dome car, the Overland Trail (hi Bill and Debbie) and the Tioga Pass.




I have only wondered at this moment why a rail car would be named Tioga Pass?  There has never been, nor will there ever be a railroad over Tioga Pass.  My earliest traverse over the real Tioga Pass outside Yosemite National Park was during the reconstruction of the road from Lee Vining, CA to the pass summit to the west when I was about 10 years old.  It is quite a road through beautiful California scenery. Maybe the owner of Tioga Pass rail car will hear about this question and then I can tell everyone.  After taking the above photographs of the train, I boarded Metrolink 354 and proceeded to San Bernardino. I had never ridden this whole route before, so it was of interest to view.  A few other interested parties were on board the train heading to San Berdoo to see the 3751 arrive in style.




All along the railroad right-of-way were photographers waiting for the 3751 and practicing photography on our train.  At one point, I descended to the lower level of the cab/coach at the rear end of the train and spoke to the Los Angeles Sheriff Department deputies riding the train.  One Sheriff's deputy asked if I was a "foamer" to which I replied that this term was derogatory.  He then asked if I was a railfan?  I admitted to that and again encountered more derision with the question if I had model trains?    I replied that I might have some model trains stashed at my parent's house and have not seen them in about 30 years.  I stated that my favorite toy was my Catalina 27 sailboat.  For the record, I was not even wearing any garment which was railfan identifiable.  I needled both deputies that it appeared their duty was rather easy work, and they agreed.  I witnessed some interesting things along the way including an old Ford Model T.  The several hundred rail fans were young and old, many wearing the rail fan colors of choice.  Were you out there?

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