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McCloud Railway Motorcar Excursion Page 1

McCloud Railway Motorcar Excursion

Burney, California

June 3-4, 2006

As a result of my involvement with California Operation Lifesaver, a fellow volunter William Schertle, invited me to ride in his personal ex-Denver & Rio Grande Western motorcar on the McCloud Railway in early June 2006.  We left from Bill's house very early on Friday June 2nd.  The McCloud Railway motorcar excursion was set for June 3 and 4, 2006 and sponsored by the Pacific Railcar Operators group on the McCloud Railway.  The McCloud Railway is in far Northern California, less than 100 miles from the Oregon border.  After an all day driving trip traversing most of the length of California, we arrived in Burney, approximately 50 miles east of Redding, the set-on site for the weekend.  We immediately delivered the motorcar to the set-on site and then checked into the motel nearby.


Saturday June 3 started with a 15 minute safety meeting given by Dave McClain, event coordinator, who went over the travel plans and safety information.  There was bad news for the 28 motor cars, since the railraod had suffered a derailment the previous day at Curtis involving an overturned centerbeam car and some wood chip cars..  This meant that we would go to the derailment site, return to Burney, trailer the motor car to Bartle, then run into McCloud for dinner and tie up at Bartle. 



At our 08:07 AM departure out of Burney, MP B59.0, the sky was overcast.  The first thing I noticed on a siding track are some empty freight cars, captive until the derailment can be cleared.  The railroad had a road crossing with CA Highway 89, which connects Burney and McCloud, then meandered through the trees on its way towards the junction easterly of Bartle. 



The railroad crossed over highway 89 which connects Burney and McCloud.  Below are views of the highway from the railroad.


Below are views of the railroad bridge from the road.



Below are views of the highway bridge and Lake Britton.


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