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McCloud Railway Motorcar Excursion

Burney, California

June 3-4, 2006

The railroad crosses Lake Britton at MP B50.with a beautiful single track trestle, seen in the movie "Stand by Me."  A motorcar breakdown behind us caused a long stop at the trestle where some interesting sights were available.


The rail used here is definitely vintage material even though the Burney branch was built in the 1950's.  One can read "Colorado 1913" on the far rail and "Carnegie 1905" on the near rail.  Many different branch lines were built and later removed.  The rail was later used to build new branch lines.


Some of the car owners and friends wandered over to check out the Lake Britton trestle.  One young lady maned Kelsey walked the trail under the abutment and returned to let me know that there was artwork below.  I checked it out and liked it enough to photograph it and name her the "Abutment Queen".  She is made up of various materials including torn up playing cards, poker chips, pennies, jigsaw puzzle pieces, bottle caps, and yellow road reflector material.



Eventually, cars started arriving and a shot of one above me on the bridge was attempted.  The brokedown cars were left at MP 41 at 10:15 AM and the operators dispersed onto other motorcars. Slowly the motorcars trickled over the bridge one by one.  To view all photographs of  motorcars on this trestle, click here.



After the obligatory motorcars on the bridge shots, we again made way toward Curtis, MP B34.0. 





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