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Orange County Incidents and Accidents Anaheim July 2003

Incidents and Accidents...2003...Anaheim, CA

July 30, 2003

Story and Photographs Copyright 2005 by Richard Elgenson, RailNews Network

One mid-summer day, I had to run an errand to my Credit Union Anaheim and drove through the Angel (nee Edison Field, nee Anaheim) Stadium parking lot.  While walking from my car to the Credit Union, I heard a siren, but thought nothing about it until on my way back to the office, I spotted an ambulance in the Staduim lot very close to and east of the Amtrak Station. I quickly drove back to the office and retrieved a camera to record this interesting scene. 


Upon closer examination, I saw an upside down SUV across the Surfline tracks and California Highway Patrol on scene.  Soon a northbound Surfliner pulled up to a stop with the engineer detraining to ground level to confer with CHP and other officials. While he pulled out towards Los Angeles, a southbound Surfliner also came into the station and left  promptly.



Judginng by the condition and location of the SUV, it had to have come from the California Route 57 freeway.


Above left, notice the right-of-way fence hit by the SUV after it exited the freeway.  Below left, man at CHP cruiser with bandage around his head.  Possibly the SUV driver?  This was not a fatal incident.


A tow truck showed up.  The operator dragged the SUV across both sets of rails.



A Metrolink inspector was standing by to check the track condition.  I took a number of videos of the car dragged across the tracks.  It was a spectacle that I had never witnessed before.

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