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The Grand Canyon Limited

Williams to Parker, Arizona

May 18, 2012

Story and photographs by Richard Elgenson
RailNewsNetwork writer

What better way to catch the Grand Canyon Limited than to watch it pull into the station in Williams Arizona?

While heading through the crossing below, the character said to those of us in the vestibule "We'll rob you later!"  One of the quick thinking Amtrak folks answered "We'll take a raincheck."  How disappointing that the Grand Canyon Limited never got robbed.  Oh, we did get robbed but only with time in our schedule.  That's railroading.



We pulled up to the connection with the BNSF Peavine route and waited for at least one half hour for an empty eastbound autorack.  Plenty of time to get robbed if anyone had thought to do so.  I feel I got robbed by not getting robbed.  Go figure?



The crew of the eastbound train knew we were waiting and you can hear their air horn announcement before we see them and as they pass us.  The conductor is seen waving in the windshield.  Notice Kansas City Southern 4705 amongst the power.



Finally we got clearance onto the BNSF mainline and thus would be able to view the beauty of the Peavine.  We are to travel about 159 miles in the next five and one half hours from Williams to Matthie Arizona.  We only got to experience less than 30 miles before darkness the prior Tuesday on the way to Williams.



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