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AMTK 40th Anniversary Train

Amtrak 40th Anniversary Train

San Diego, CA

December 4, 2011

Story and photographs by Richard Elgenson
RailNewsNetwork writer

Having traveled on Amtrak from time to time throughout the last 40 years, I thought it would of interest to visit the Amtrak 40th Anniversary train while it was somewhere in Southern California.  I elected to take Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner to San Diego on Sunday December 4 to check it out.  A few days beforehand, I viewed the Amtrak 40th Anniversary web site to find out what to expect.  It would be one locomotive, a non powered cab unit and 5 cars, all of which were restored or rebuilt for the run around the country.  I encourage you to view their site as well as click through this report to the end.  I tried to take a photograph of everything within reason.  Most of the photographs speak for themselves without any description necessary.  The train contains large as well as small objects of interest from Amtrak's 40 years of existance.  Some of the interior photographs do not do justice to what is onboard, but I did the best I could.  Click on any photo for a larger copy.  Luckily, I got there soon after 10 AM and found few people to get in the way of gathering the photographs.  The Amtrak employees, volunteers and guests were all extremely nice and helpful. 

In the late afternoon when the sun angle was better, I got some exterior shots of the train except for the store car.  In addition to the display train, a Surfliner and Coaster commuter train were in.
For equipment information, the Amtrak 40th web site has full descriptions of history and refurbishment.



A few shots from inside the station find my volunteer group Operation Lifesaver and other groups with booths.

A beaming Marcos from Amtrak in Los Angeles helps out at the Chuggington area.
Once on board the train, it was collect a photograph of anything and everything.
J. Craig Thorpe created a poster for the 40th anniversary.  He has done other projects for Amtrak and other railroads.  I met him on board the 75th Anniversary Empire Builder train in June 2004.

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