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Amtrak 40th Anniversary Train

San Diego, CA

December 4, 2011

Story and photographs by Richard Elgenson
RailNewsNetwork writer

Each decade of Amtrak's history is chronicled.



The Amtrak West sign came from the Amtrak offices at Los Angeles Union Station.  As I was in the first car I heard Marcos tell a story of how the sign was at the Amtrak office for years and then it disappeared early in 2011.  It was removed from Los Angeles and taken to be part of the display train.

In 40 years, Amtrak has had various types of equipment.  They started with inherited locomotives and rolling stock from private railroads.  There are 3 newer phases of equipment.  Below, I see GG1, F40, Genesis and Acela iconography.
The displays included seating and dining china and menus.
Period uniforms on mannequins are scattered throughout the train.
No transportation system could stay in business without advertising.



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