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  • 73082 Camelot Locomotive Society
    73082 is the sole surviving BR Standard Class 5 that was named in BR days.

  • Bluebell Railway
    9-mile standard-gauge heritage line in Sussex. Looks after items of railwayana, such as stations, signal-boxes, carriages, wagons and steam locos, which would just be too big for the average collector! Also host to two annual collectors' fairs.

  • Signalling Record Society
    Recording Today for Tomorrow, Recording Yesterday for The Future.
    For the technician, for the operator, for the researcher, for the enthusiast, for the modeller.
    For everyone interested in signalling.

  • Railway Carriage Prints
    by Greg Norden.

  • Collecting British Railwayana
    by Andrew Watts.

    For pictures and information on Depot Plaques, including a comprehensive list of locos that carried them.

  • iRail Railway Directory
    The best place to find the railway sites you want! Click on the iRail logo, head of their home page, to get going.

  • Railway Station Track Plans
    Site features approx. 3000 track plans of UK stations drawn between 1947 and 1967 and includes many stations now closed. Copies of the plans may be purchased.

  • RailWest
    West Country archives, by Chris Osment.

  • Southern Railway Publicity
    This site is about publicity material of the Southern Railway of England, its ancestors and descendents.

  • The Signal Box
    Covers all aspects of UK manual signalling, and then some! Has a small ads section.

  • TrainWeb
    The enormous U.S. site (located upstairs from the Amtrak Ticket Office, Santa Fe Depot, Fullerton, California) where RCN is hosted. You can find websites covering all aspects of the World's railways here, if you've got the time!

  • Travelling Art Gallery
    Fascinating carriage print site. The next best thing to a journey in the carriages themselves.

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