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Railwayana Collectors' Network - Brass Detectives

Brass Detectives

Brass Detectives is a term coined by the Signalling Record Society (SRS). It refers to individuals who match lever description plates to signal boxes, usually many years after the boxes were demolished. Not all lever plates are brass.

A yahoo email group, brasstecs, has been set up for the use of anyone with an interest in signal box lever plates. Collectors are interested in lever plates for a variety of reasons, including unusual words, particular signal box locations, place names, and size.

Members can advertise items for sale, exchange or wanted, request and provide information, etc. Just so long as the topic is related to signal box lever description plates. The RCN group deals with general railwayana.

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Although all railway companies and regions are catered for, information about lever plates from the GWR and BR(W) seems to be more abundant than other companies. The following pages will be updated as further information comes to light.

GWR/BR(W) Lever Plates (opens page in new window/tag).

Other companies/regions to follow ...