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Santa Clara County Light Rail

Santa Clara County Light Rail
Prakash Tendulkar


Light Rail 1.jpg (81227 bytes)  Light Rail waiting for departure at Santa Teresa station (terminus). A boarding stand for handicapped passengers can be seen in foreground.

Light Rail 2.jpg (51696 bytes)  Train on left is arriving, the one on right is departing.

Light Rail 3.jpg (79546 bytes)  A close up. The structure on left is a lift for handicapped passengers. In some places, a boarding stand has been erected to help quick boarding.

Light Rail 5.jpg (63112 bytes)  Another view of arriving train. Traction control gear is mounted over the roof.

Light Rail 4.jpg (36817 bytes)  Light Rail vehicle's bogie

Light Rail Driving cab.jpg (43255 bytes)  Driving cab layout of the Light Rail vehicle.

  Light Rail interior

Gate 2.jpg (84377 bytes)  Grade crossing at Light Rail station.

Gate 1.jpg (49227 bytes)  Grade crossing at UPRR tracks.

Track 2.jpg (57567 bytes)  Light Rail track.

Track 1.jpg (94529 bytes)  UPRR track. Note the welded rails.

Technical Specifications

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