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Santa Clara County Light Rail

Santa Clara County Light Rail
Prakash Tendulkar


Overhead supply is 750 V DC. Direct suspension wire is used in downtown (to operate restored trolleys). Total 50 cars were supplied by UTDC in Toronto, Canada. Each car comprises of two sections, articulated six axels and is double ended.

The car body is 86' 8" long and the car is 88' 6" over coupler faces. The body is 8' 8.5" wide, the track gauge is 4' 8.5". They accelerate at 3 mph/sec and decelerate at 3.5 mph/sec. They weigh about 100,000 lbs and have a top speed of 65 mph but are restricted to 55 mph.

The cars have dynamic, disk and magnetic track brakes, with disk brakes being spring applied and air released. Two Brown Boveri model 4EL02060C motors drive each car. These cars have M.A.N. SECTA type inboard bearing trucks and articulated joints built by M.A.N., Germany.

Switched resistor controls and air-conditioning equipment are mounted on roof, shielded from view by a shroud to improve the appearance. The 75 seat car is designed for 166 passengers and can accommodate 257 during crush load conditions. Due to air suspension, they were the smoothest riding light rail cars in the West when introduced in 1987, forty-nine years after Southern Pacific discontinued street cars and inter-urban system.