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Hubli Loco Shed

Hubli Loco Shed
Prakash Tendulkar, January 2008



Motors.jpg (51803 bytes)  Auxiliary Generators

Sand box.jpg (85018 bytes)  Sand box.

Pit.jpg (91810 bytes)  Specially designed pit to replace individual TM.

Control Stand SHF.jpg (68165 bytes)  Control stand looking at Short Hood Front.

Control Stand SHF2.jpg (83948 bytes)  Look Ma! There is no Ammeter.

Another set of buttons.jpg (33027 bytes)  Another set of buttons on window frame makes resetting alerter and sounding horn easier.

AEB.jpg (50457 bytes)  Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) panel.

AEB 2.jpg (69431 bytes)  Operating instructions for AEB.

Diagnostic Panel1.jpg (62134 bytes)  Diagnostic panel. It offers plenty of information that was shared on two screen in SD70MAC.