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Hubli Loco Workshop

Hubli Loco Shed
Prakash Tendulkar, January 2008


I had a golden opportunity to visit Hubli (UBL) Loco Shed. It was a new facility to maintain EMD designed locos for IR that were deployed to haul heavy coal trains over Braganza Ghat.

Needless to say, this facility has proven to be successful in maintaining these sophisticated locos performing heavy duty chorus, day in and day out.

LI.jpg (36041 bytes)  Shri Marker and Shri Lawrence. These two Loco Inspectors spent two days with me to help me understand operations in Braganza Ghat.

Olive Green WDG4.jpg (67167 bytes)  One of the first few locomotives in military camouflage.

Engine block.jpg (68128 bytes)  Engine block. I like them with oil stains rather than in spotless, showroom condition. Stains mean this engine block has earned it's living.

Q fan or Radiator fan.jpg (67194 bytes)  In 1980, EMD introduced the Q-fan across the domestic model line in order to comply with the reduction in loco wayside noise required by EPA regulations and enforced by an FRA regulation. The prior fans had the motor supported on radial struts from the fan frame that were on the inlet side of the fan. This caused a siren effect. 

The Q-fan inverted the fan construction so that the motor support struts are located on the discharge side of the fan, which eliminates the siren effect and makes the fan noise more of a white noise. The Q-fan has 12 spots equally spaced on the fan hub where blades can be bolted but the motor is only powerful enough to handle 9 blades so no fans with more than 9 blades are used.

You can clearly see the spacer between the groups of two adjacent blades showing that there are 12 spaces for blades to mount. In the background you can see part of a DC dynamic brake grid fan with the motor hanging below the fan hub/blades. 

Dynamic brake grid fan with motor underneath.jpg (69741 bytes)  This is dynamic brake grid fan. It is resting on it's motor. This fan also can be seen in top right background of Q-fan used over radiators.

Space under Radiators.jpg (82711 bytes)  Space under radiators reminds me of Tunnel motors (Locos) designed for Southern Pacific. Hot exhaust gases in tunnels caused cooling problems so air intake in Tunnel Motors was designed in this fashion. Check for more details on Tunnel Motors.

Alternator and Gears for turbo.jpg (71117 bytes)  Alternator and gears used for driving turbo. At low RPM, turbo is driven by gears and later exhaust flow takes over that job.

Engine Lube oil filter.jpg (73425 bytes)  Engine Lube oil filter