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Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi

I was unable to take pictures inside DLW so this is all I can publish at this point. 

Pictures from DLW friends

DLW Calendar pictures

Hercules_1.jpg (56487 bytes)  Hercules. (My comments: According to National Railway Museum, where sister loco Phoenix is on display, Hercules is preserved at Jamalpur. However, due to lack of serial # on this display, it is not possible to verify if this is original Hercules or not.)

Hercules_2.jpg (45909 bytes)

Hercules_4.jpg (40943 bytes)

Hercules_3.jpg (39729 bytes)  Specs for Miss Muffet. (My comments: Class CS #776 on Eastern Bengal State Railway was built in 1932 by Yorkshire Engine Co., Sheffield. U.K. Her sister loco #773 was built in 1927 by W.G. Bagnall, Stafford, U.K.  Source: Indian Locomotives Part 3 by Hugh Hughes.)

Miss Muffet_1.jpg (79910 bytes)  Miss Muffet.

Miss Muffet_2.jpg (60222 bytes)

Miss Muffet_3.jpg (71705 bytes)

Miss Muffet_4.jpg (37438 bytes)  Inside Miss Muffet.

wds1.jpg (71625 bytes)  1940 stock GE DE loco. It was a common site on WR at Mumbai.

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