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DLW Calendar pictures

DLW Calendar pictures
Prakash Tendulkar, February 2001


Front Page.jpg (20225 bytes)

1750 KW DG set.jpg (50391 bytes)  1750 KW Diesel Generator set. (This puzzles me. According to DLW spreadsheet that I have, the closest # come from WDM2, 1790 KW at Engine, 1678 KW at Traction Motors.)

WDG2.jpg (45343 bytes)  WDG2 - C0-C0 High Adhesion 3100 HP BG Heavy Goods Loco. 100 km/h.

WDG4 12019.jpg (55551 bytes)  WDG4 - C0-C0 4000 HP BG Micro-processor controller heavy duty freight loco. 100 km/h.

WDM2.jpg (56058 bytes)  WDM2 - 2600 HP BG Mixed Traffic Loco. 120 km/h.

WDM2C.jpg (37588 bytes)  WDM2C - 3100 HP BG Mixed Traffic Loco. 120 km/h

WDM2SL.jpg (52215 bytes)  WDM2SL for Sri Lanka

WDP1.jpg (69214 bytes)  WDP1 - B0-B0 Flexi-coil 2300 HP BG Passenger Traffic Loco. 120 km/h. 12 cylinder. power plant.

WDP2 15531.jpg (37431 bytes)  WDP2 - C0-C0 Flexi-coil 3100 HP High speed dual cab Passenger Loco. (seems like the series is named as "Pushpak".)  140 km/h.

WDS6.jpg (64325 bytes)  WDS6 - 1350 HP BG Shunting Loco.

WDM6SL with B0 B0 bogie.jpg (40761 bytes)  WDS6SL for Puttalam Cement Co., Sri Lanka with B0-B0 bogies.

YDM4.jpg (70160 bytes)  YDM4 - 1350 HP MG Mixed Traffic Loco

YDM4BR Dual cab loco.jpg (56422 bytes)  YDM4BR for Bangla Desh with dual cabs. (I was told that this was achieved without increasing the length of loco. It was reported at that time, i.e. February 2001, that this series had some major cooling problems.)

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