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Bandra Terminus (BDTS)

Bandra Terminus (BDTS)
Prakash Tendulkar, February 2001


IR fans have heard about Bandra Terminus and may know the approximate location of it. However, I am not certain if everyone knows about the tracks or alignment that leads to BDTS for trains originating from Mumbai Central.

During recent trip to Mumbai, I had an opportunity to capture the track and BDTS on film. Hope this clarifies doubts, if any.

BDTS5.jpg (59996 bytes)  Looking south (towards MCT) from Platform #7 at Bandra (used by UP local trains to CST Harbor line), a switch just a hundred feet or so, leads to BDTS. The over head bridge in the foreground is the beginning of Western Express Highway near creek.

BDTS4.jpg (37421 bytes)  Bandra Terminus as seen from EMU at Bandra flyover heading towards Khar. WR tracks can be seen here to understand proximity of BDTS to tracks.

BDTS3.jpg (21875 bytes)  Another view of BDTS from the same EMU.

BDTS1.jpg (42504 bytes)  Switch heading for BDTS as seen from EMU approaching Bandra from CST. Oops! I forgot to lower the grill before taking the picture. Sorry about that!

BDTS2.jpg (41815 bytes)  Old alignment heading to Bandra Marshalling Yard or BAMY. It is still being used but not frequently.

spannner1.jpg (63775 bytes)  Private Handle issued to Motormen in 1960.

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