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San Jose Trolley # 73

San Jose Trolley # 73
By Prakash Tendulkar


Valley Transit Authority (VTA) operates six historical trolleys that have been fully restored. One of them is #73. These trolleys operate one at a time, on a loop in downtown that has been wired to accept power collectors from trolleys.

Here are some of the pictures taken during my trip to downtown San Jose.

Motorman.jpg (21027 bytes)  Smartly dressed "Motorman". He is, in fact, an Instructor and has exceptional driving skills.

Controls.jpg (20749 bytes)  Master controller and brakes. There is no dead man's handle. Everything is shiny and polished to the original specifications.

downtown1.jpg (59114 bytes)  In downtown San Jose, Light Rail and trolleys share the road with surface traffic. At signals, they have to wait for green and next to signal, a white "T" appears permitting the trolley or Light Rail to cross intersection. Here we have a permission and the master controller is in Parallel position. We are closely following a Light Rail that can be seen ahead.

downtown2.jpg (22425 bytes)  Going through the tunnel beneath UPRR tracks. No dead man's control here, just Master controller. We're running in parallel mode.

73A.jpg (19082 bytes)  Leaving Civic Center for Trolley Barn. End of the day!


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