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Manmad Junction

Manmad Junction
Prakash Tendulkar


In February 2002, I traveled from Dadar to Manmad returning back the next day.

Journey in Kasara Ghat was fantastic. We were in the center track and a double WDM2 headed freight moving in the same direction on a track to the left of us. She was doing pretty well. When we slowed down, she would catch up with us. She arrived at Igatpuri just as our WCAM3 was detached.

guard.jpg (44127 bytes)  If you think he is an Assistant driver in banker pushing a freight rake from Kasara, here are two hints for you to reconsider. One, he is in leading banker; two, he is wearing white shirt and white pant.

He is a guard for the freight train. With double headed and triple headed WCG2 bankers, CR does not use caboose for freight trains in Ghat sections.

Freight train 1.jpg (22705 bytes)  It was a scene Bollywood should consider for a stunt.

Freight train 2.jpg (38115 bytes)

Our train.jpg (57437 bytes)  Our train as seen from the door.

Pair of WDM2 hauling freight train.jpg (89805 bytes)  There she is at Igatpuri. Our rake has not received WAM4 yet. I do not think two guys (actually three, the third one partially hidden by a pole) in foreground are Rail fans.

Sign at Igatpuri 1.jpg (51020 bytes)  Sign at Igatpuri

Sign at Igatpuri 2.jpg (61188 bytes)  What is "Ekhare" and "Dohare"? Boy, my Hindi is getting rusty.

WCAM3 returning towards Kasaea end.jpg (70758 bytes)  WCAM3 is returning towards Kasara end of the platform.

WAM4 takes over.jpg (46962 bytes)  WAM4-6P with twin beam headlight taking over.

A job I hate.jpg (39890 bytes)  A job I would hate to work.