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Manmad Junction

Manmad Junction
Prakash Tendulkar


wag6.jpg (42802 bytes)  WAG7 from Erode shed spotted near Igatpuri.

Nanded Amritsar Xpress.jpg (48221 bytes)  Nanded Amritsar Express arriving from Nanded at Manmad. The train will reverse here.

Nanded Amritsar Xpress 2.jpg (71658 bytes)  Getting WAP.

Nanded Amritsar Xpress 3.jpg (66812 bytes)  All set to go, waiting for starter to become yellow.

Karnataka Xpress 1.jpg (65728 bytes)  Karnataka Express arriving from Bangalore. Note that stone-guard is only on one windshield.

Karnataka Xpress 2.jpg (59739 bytes)  Karnataka Express leaving for Delhi.

wds6.jpg (61552 bytes)  I envy these drivers who work locos without stone guards on wind shield.

How much crowd is crowd.jpg (61212 bytes)  Before the arrival pf passenger train towards Daund, the platform became fully crowded.