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Driving Cab

Driving Cab
Prakash Tendulkar


Chair.jpg (44675 bytes)  Comfortable chair for M/men and Guards. Please note that the door is sliding and not hinged as in other EMUs.

Aircon.jpg (48716 bytes)  Roof mounted AirCon.

Master_Controller.jpg (34051 bytes)  Master Controller, Indicator lamps and brake gauges. However, since the braking is microprocessor controlled, I would prefer speedometer in the front instead of brake gauge.

Speedometer.jpg (48548 bytes)  Speedometer and diagnostic panel.

MCB.jpg (69702 bytes)  Master Circuit breakers and alarms behind M/man's seat.

MCBs.jpg (37838 bytes)  An array of Circuit breakers.

Headcode.jpg (73884 bytes)  No more winding cloth roles for displaying head codes. It's all electronic now.

Coach Interior