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Coach Interior

Coach Interior
Prakash Tendulkar


Coach_Interior.jpg (70293 bytes)  Interior of passenger compartment. The luggage racks are exposed to theft from door. I wonder why no luggage rack was provided on the end wall of coach.

Looking at these coaches, it is clear that ICF needs to improve the quality significantly. Compared to Delhi Metro coaches, these ICF coaches are sub-standard. This is evident when comparing with two pictures ( 1 and 2) from Delhi Metro.

Coach_Interior2.jpg (69732 bytes)  Stainless steel handles and bars. The ductwork at center to handle airflow seems to be inadequate in capacity as this rake will carry more (standing) passengers than conventional rake.

Coach_Interior7.jpg (59691 bytes)

Coach_Interior3.jpg (74109 bytes)  Windows and luggage racks.

Coach_Interior4.jpg (67491 bytes)  Stainless steel doors. They are not automatic, though. No wonder Railway terms rooftop gadget as "Air Cooler" rather than Air Conditioner and expects it to cool temperature down by about 5 Celsius or so.

Coach_Interior5.jpg (45173 bytes)  Coach_Interior6.jpg (52068 bytes)