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Adventure in Bhor Ghat

Adventure in Bhor Ghat
Prakash Tendulkar


Approaching Tunnel.jpg (54487 bytes)  We were approaching one of the tunnel before the final leg towards LNL.

Our Train.jpg (53082 bytes)  Our train had only two flat cars, a leading WCG2 and a pair of WCG2 bankers. We are waiting for signal at Khandala.

Tirupati Express 1.jpg (60033 bytes)  As we were on our way to LNL, a gateman flagged us and invited for Satya Narayan Puja. Tirupathi Express arriving at this gate.

Tirupati Express 2.jpg (47847 bytes)  Bankers behind Tirupathi.

Hyderabad Express.jpg (59387 bytes)  We dropped the train at LNL and are waiting for a signal to approach towards Khandala (and Karjat). Hyderabad bound train is arriving at LNL.

KAD Starter.jpg (32184 bytes)  Starter at Khandala.

Monkey Hill.jpg (52726 bytes)  We stop at Monkey Hill. At the center left, right below "V", the un-electrified run-away train catcher siding can be seen.

Holy Cows.jpg (67276 bytes)  Thou art Holy but you can get stuck under the TMs. We literally stopped to avoid "being hit" by the cows.

Karjat.jpg (59968 bytes)  We are at Karjat. The bankers are waiting on a loop.

Incoming Train.jpg (54616 bytes)  Incoming Konark Express that we were going to bank. The "Chaiwalla" appears to be posing as if he is handing a cup of tea to driver. He is not; he is throwing a cup of tea in front of on-coming train hoping for a better luck.