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Adventure in Bhor Ghat

Adventure in Bhor Ghat
Prakash Tendulkar


Koyna 1.jpg (81393 bytes)  Koyna 2.jpg (67427 bytes)  Koyna Express at Talegaon.

Panel 2.jpg (45745 bytes)  Indicator Panel in WCAM3. It is similar to one in WCAM2.

Panel 3.jpg (43289 bytes) There is one ammeter each for two sets of Traction Motors which are normally referred as 1-2-4 and 3-5-6. The first two gauges on the left are Ammeters. The third from left is a voltmeter showing the voltage applied to traction motors. The last gauge on the right shows OH supply voltage.

Speedometer 1.jpg (35724 bytes)  A close up of the speedometer. The over speed indicator lamp on the top lights after exceeding 105 km/h in case of WCAM3. (120 km/h for WCAM2).

Speedometer 2.jpg (19931 bytes)  Another view of the same speedometer when we were in motion.

Notches.jpg (42080 bytes)  The master controller notches are divided into two separate gauges for WCAM3 (Only one gauge on the left for WCAM2). The left gauge shows notches from 0 to 32. The one on the right covers notches 33 to 39. Notches 1 through 22 cover series operation of TM. At notch 23, Servo controller triggers in to connect TMs in series-parallel combination till notch 32. After advancing master controller further, the servo controller triggers again to make parallel connection of 3 sets of TMs with each set comprising of two TMs. The indicator on the right covers notches 33 through 39. This is an operation in DC mode.

WCAM2 do not go through parallel transition in DC mode.

In AC mode, both WCAM2 and WCAM3, have TMs connected in parallel mode only and transition does not occur.

  First tunnel after Khandala in UP direction. I got down from WCAM3 and met my friend who was waiting for me.

Stop at Tunnel.jpg (57448 bytes)  Since our rake had track warrant from Karjat to Lonavala, we were allowed to move back and forth with plenty of stops as needed.

Duke's Nose.jpg (28200 bytes)  Duke's Nose!! A famous landmark of Khandala Ghat.