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Kalyan Electric Loco Shed

Kalyan Electric Loco Shed
Prakash Tendulkar


I visited Kalyan Electric Loco Shed first in March 2001 and later in February 2005. It is one of the most important Electric Loco shed in India as it manages two major railway arteries in the financial capital of India, Mumbai.

I was impressed by the dynamic atmosphere and teams of dedicated and technically superior employees during these visits.

AC_Panto.jpg (37404 bytes)  AC pantograph of WCAM3

Carbon strips on AC panto.jpg (21598 bytes)  Carbon strips of AC pantograph

DJ.jpg (45876 bytes)  DJ (not to be mistaken for Disk Jockey) with air valve, linkages and contactors.

AC_Compartment.jpg (47952 bytes)  AC compartment

DC_Panto.jpg (51751 bytes)  Twin bladed DC pantograph

DC panto on floor.jpg (35434 bytes) 

Copper strips on DC panto.jpg (20606 bytes)  Copper strips on DC pantograph

DBR.jpg (61009 bytes) Dynamic brake resistors on the roof

DBR2.jpg (45360 bytes)