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Kalyan Electric Loco Shed

Kalyan Electric Loco Shed
Prakash Tendulkar


Inside WCAM3.jpg (29166 bytes)  Inside view of WCAM3

DC_Compartment.jpg (47064 bytes)  Resistance Power Control (RPC) compartment

Resistors.jpg (44457 bytes)  Soothing reactor banks

WCAM3 Resistors.jpg (34601 bytes)  Starting resistors.

Transistion.jpg (70882 bytes)  Transition circuit breakers

AC DC.jpg (44133 bytes)  Circuit breakers for AC or DC selection

WCAM3.jpg (63537 bytes)  Convertible WCAM3? The roof has been removed during Annual Overhaul.

Air Compressor.jpg (44236 bytes)

Master Controller cams.jpg (64673 bytes)  Cams in Master controller

CB.jpg (22405 bytes)  Circuit breaker or contactor in Master controller. It is operated by cams.

DynBrake.jpg (84197 bytes)  Traction or Dynamic brakes.