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Integral Coach Factory, Perambur

Integral Coach Factory, Perambur
Thanks to my Friends!!


After 2-hours flight, I landed at Chennai at 8:30 AM sharp and was met by Shri S. Venkat Raman, IRFCA Chennai.

After exchange of pleasantries with friends at ICF, we headed for plant and were greeted by coach that was being exported to Mozambique, right near gate.

Export.jpg (69956 bytes)

We then headed for floor shop to see MRVC rake production.

CR_MRVC.jpg (53400 bytes)  MRVC rake for Central Railway was getting final touches in paint shop. It would later move to final assembly line where electric traction gear, furniture and cables would get installed.

CR_MRVC2.jpg (57192 bytes) 

Paint1.jpg (44416 bytes)  Paint2.jpg (48364 bytes)

General_floor_view.jpg (55429 bytes)  This is general floor view of paint shop.

Non_standard_Coupler.jpg (37230 bytes)  Non-standard couplers are used during production stage of EMUs.

TurnTable.jpg (56639 bytes)  This is used to move coaches between building during various phases.

Motorcoach_Bogie.jpg (52338 bytes)  Motor coach bogie for MRVC rake.

MRVC6.jpg (53821 bytes)  MU jumper cables are different from other EMUs in Mumbai.

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