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Integral Coach Factory, Perambur

Integral Coach Factory, Perambur
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MRVC2.jpg (66821 bytes)  The black rubber skirt was installed on the lower side of air intake for ventilation system. Without this, rain water would enter with air flow.

MRVC1.jpg (63764 bytes)  MRVC4.jpg (78116 bytes)  

MRVC3.jpg (75697 bytes)  Air suspension


GR_CC.jpg (39562 bytes)  Garib Rath Chair car

Breakdown_Relief_DMU_4_Export.jpg (36478 bytes)  Breakdown Relief DMU for Mozambique.

DMU_Powerplant.jpg (35573 bytes)  And her power plant.

AC_EMU.jpg (52248 bytes)  AC EMU with large windows

AC_EMU_Cams.jpg (41085 bytes)  Tap changer cams under AC Driving Motor coach.

AC_Master_Controller.jpg (20680 bytes)  Not the best image but AC EMU master controller has Half Power (HP), Full Power (FP) and Weak Field (WF) positions only. Of these WF is disconnected by all railways.

Whooosh.jpg (64916 bytes)  Last but not the least, all ICF coaches will now have "Controlled discharge" toilets. As Apurva has described, passengers with seats near door will hear "Whooosh".

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