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Diesel Loco Works, Varanasi

When I visited Diesel Loco Works in Varanasi in February 2008, I was determined to focus on one aspect that is neglected by most rail fans; how does DLW manufacture the key ingredient in diesel-electric loco, the power plant.

I sincerely appreciate efforts by Shri S.M. Bhardwaj, General Manager, DLW as well as Shri Niraj Kumar, Chief Mechanical Engineer and Shri Anoop Kumar, Chief Design Engineer (Mechanical) to make my visit most remarkable that I'll remember it for life time. 

Welcome.jpg (81199 bytes)

Little known to the world outside India is, DLW Varanasi still manufactures locos based on ALCO 251 power plant that has been indigenously refined and now delivers more throughput than original 2,600 SHP.

The story begins with building engine block.

End Plates 2.jpg (82802 bytes)  End plates are being cut using modern cutters.

End Plates.jpg (59776 bytes)

Cylinder Block 2.jpg (74322 bytes)  Partially built engine block

Cylinder Block.jpg (81149 bytes)  Engine block in next phase

Fine Finishing of engine block casting.jpg (68714 bytes)  Engine block casting is ready to enter milling machine for fine finish.

Fine Finishing of engine block casting 2.jpg (56010 bytes)  Engine block has entered in.

Fine Finishing of engine block casting 3.jpg (61220 bytes)  What happens inside the machine? Watch it.


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