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Diesel Loco Works, Varanasi

Diesel Loco Works, Varanasi
Prakash Tendulkar, February 2008


Cam shaft sub assemblies.jpg (82085 bytes)  Cam shaft sub assemblies

Block001.jpg (84869 bytes)


Crank shaft.jpg (53990 bytes)  Crank shaft after being honed. You may see engine block and cylinder block assemblies in background.

Crank shaft 2.jpg (32293 bytes)  Crankshaft with connecting rods being installed.

Tightening nut.jpg (73642 bytes)  May sound like old style but the charge man is holding torque gauge in hand.

Assembly shop.jpg (79555 bytes)  ALCO Assembly line

Assembly shop 2.jpg (72873 bytes)  EMD Assembly line

Assembled Power Plant 2.jpg (50492 bytes)  EMD Power plant ready to move for quality control tests.