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BHEL 301C.jpg (58350 bytes)  Newly manufactured ICF rake # 301 at Kandivali car shed. WR has assigned them to 3xx series, one that was assigned to the first batch of ICF stock in early 60s.

Although these are AC/DC EMUs, they have (or had) electronics from another company that has now become a part of Alstom. During my visit, Alstom engineers were rectifying "teething problems" on the rake electronics.

BHEL 3xx Rake.jpg (28941 bytes)  Another picture of this rake

BHEL 304A.jpg (28200 bytes)  Close up of 304A coach. Left half is First class accommodation

BHEL Air suspension 1.jpg (32868 bytes). These rakes have air suspension.

BHEL Air suspension 2.jpg (35619 bytes)  Close up of air suspension.

BHEL Load Distribution chart.jpg (39866 bytes)  Load Distribution chart on motor coach 302B

BHEL Jumper Boxes.jpg (30491 bytes)  Jumper Boxes. Although physical location and naming convention is the same, they are not compatible with DC EMUs.

BHEL Traction Motor.jpg (43351 bytes)  BHEL Traction Motor are rated 297 KW. They also physically differ from Alstom TMs and cannot be interchanged. Click here to view Alstom TM.

BHEL MC Driving Cab.jpg (38731 bytes)  Master Controller and indicator panels are different in ICF rakes from Alstom rakes. The reverser is a simple switch and does not require a key handle. This picture was taken in m/coach driving cab.

BHEL Driver Indicato Panel.jpg (29041 bytes)  Indicator panel has lamps for General Fault, EP brake fault, Parking brake applied, Jumper continuity, OHE indication, Spare and Brakes not released.

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