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BHEL Fault Indicator Panel.jpg (43874 bytes)  Fault Indicator panel in these rakes are different than the one in Alstom.

BHEL DCS panel in TC Driving cab.jpg (51532 bytes)  DCS (Driver Control Switches) panel has a socket for key below the label "Asian".

BHEL TC Driving Cab.jpg (39374 bytes)  Another view of instruments in driving cab. I cannot explain why there are two speedometers in cab.

BHEL Isolation switches.jpg (49533 bytes)  Before entering HT (High Tension) compartment of motor coach, the connection from pantograph needs to be isolated. The isolation switches in ICF m/coaches are located near the ceiling. I hope WR provides a step stool to anyone 5'-8" and shorter to access them.

BHEL Panto isolation circuit.jpg (59006 bytes)  The isolation mechanism is similar to the one found in electric locos.

BHEL Microprocessor cabinet 2.jpg (43971 bytes)  There are two microprocessor units inside m/coach. One is shown here.

BHEL Microprocessor cabinet.jpg (52160 bytes)  The second microprocessor unit.

BHEL MVCC.jpg (53950 bytes)  MVCC (Medium Voltage Change-over Contactor)

BHEL Wiring in center Panel of MC.jpg (64766 bytes)  MU and control circuits wiring at the center of m/coach driving cab.

BHEL Transformer oil cooler.jpg (44411 bytes)  Transformer Oil cooler in ICF m/coach. The unit is new and hence no oil stains (yet).

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