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Prakash Tendulkar 04/30/2015


California State Railroad Museum (CSRM) sent a e-mail that newly built ACS-64 Electric loco will be on display at CSRM for three days only.

In order to comply with "Buy American" laws, the locomotives are being manufactured at Siemens' factory in Florin, California, with traction and electrical equipment being manufactured at Siemens facilities in Norcross and Alpharetta, Georgia. Traction inverters are manufactured in Alpharetta, and the traction motors and gear units are manufactured in Norwood, Ohio.

Since these locos will operate in North-East corridor, chances are remote that I'll be able to see them and photograph them from close distance.

Diesels are common in California, Steam locos make an occasional appearance but Electric locos are absolutely rare.

So I made 400 kms round trip to Sacramento and back spending about 2 hours at CSRM.

sam_1674.jpg (145057 bytes)  ACS-64 stands for American Cities Sprinter with 6,400 KW or 8,600 peak HP power.

sam_1675.jpg (172017 bytes)  sam_1691.jpg (381295 bytes)  sam_1694.jpg (234115 bytes)  As seen from front and side

sam_1672.jpg (161631 bytes)  Step light can be activated by a push button for predetermined time.

sam_1673.jpg (151074 bytes)  sam_1677.jpg (238586 bytes)  Emergency Parking brake release lever. Unlike IR, Siemens as well as all American Railroads rarely use the term "Cock". They call it a "Valve" instead. Makes sense to me.

sam_1681.jpg (142532 bytes)  Like Cab-1 and Cab-2 names used in IR, Amtrak uses F for front and R for rear to denote location.

sam_1686.jpg (122866 bytes)  It has a complete toilet (not just urinal) that does not discharge black water on track but stores it in tank.

sam_1687.jpg (163679 bytes)  Emergency Parking brake release. Look at finishing; you can see my image in it.

sam_1690.jpg (170161 bytes)  Potable a.k.a. white water filling. IGBT Inverters are water cooled and they need water, too.

sam_1695.jpg (153119 bytes)  MR-2 drain valve