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Prakash Tendulkar 04/30/2015


sam_1696.jpg (118447 bytes)  Front truck brake cylinder cut out valve

sam_1698.jpg (145678 bytes)  The box carries adapters fro different types of fire hoses.

sam_1699.jpg (150261 bytes)  It also has provision for external 120 V AC power supply in case batteries are disconnected.

sam_1702.jpg (140540 bytes)  It has a wheel flange lubricating system to reduce flange wear.

sam_1705.jpg (152177 bytes)  one per truck for sand.

sam_1708.jpg (188196 bytes)  sam_1710.jpg (215341 bytes)  Draw bar and hoses. Drawbar is never painted in American locos.

sam_1692.jpg (218031 bytes)  sam_1693.jpg (196645 bytes)  The labels are, Blue - Comm, Gray - MU, Red - 480V AC Head End power. Optional, a Wired Train Bus (WTB) interface for all train communications can be installed using Comm connector.


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