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Westfield Avenue

Grade Crossing: Westfield Avenue

#16 crossing Westfield Ave. in the Aldene section of Roselle Park, having just come from the ex-CNJ interchange. 10/1977. Photo taken by D.T. Walker, courtesy of Don Maxton.

In these two views, #17 backs across Westfield Avenue with the protection of a lone flagman. Collection of Frank Reilly.

Immediately north of the Rahway Valley Railroad's interchange with the Central Railroad of New Jersey at Aldene was the Westfield Avenue (MP 0.16) grade crossing.

Traffic along Westfield Avenue, occasionally known as North Avenue (North Ave. technically ends in Cranford and becomes Westfield Ave. upon entering Roselle Park), was protected by a posted flagman in the days of the New Orange Four Junction Railroad. The flagman was posted to a "flag-house" constructed alongside the roadway and would leave the shanty to protect the crossing whenever the train approached.

In later times Westfield Avenue grew to become a busy four lane roadway, with a center median down the middle. Until its demise in 1992, the RV continued to protect this busy crossing with just a pair of crossbucks and a flagman.


Wm. Wyer & Co.
Report on Rahway Valley Railroad
August 1944

Westfield Ave., Aldene, N.J.

One track (Main)

Plank crossing
Concrete Street
Vehicular - Heavy
2 P.U. signs

A terrible accident occurred here on September 1, 1899 - The train was backing down to Aldene at the crossing of Westfield Avenue struck a top wagon containing Theo. S. Harrison of Newark, N.J., throwing him out of the wagon. He sustained bruises and a laceration of the right leg, and a contusion to the back of the head.


#17 has just backed accross Westfield Ave. and is going to head through Horan Lumber before entering the CNJ interchange at Aldene. July, 1974.

#16 backs across Westfield Ave. in Roselle Park on July 15, 1971.
Collection of Frank Reilly.

#17 backs across Westfield in Roselle Park.
Photo by Richard Dunbar.

Looking south across Westfield Ave. towards the ex-CNJ interchange at Aldene. Horan Lumber is visible on the right. Photo taken by Jeff Jargosch.

Looking north across Westfield Ave. towards Kenilworth. Photo taken by Jeff Jargosch.


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